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bcSmallBiz Consulting was founded in 1994 response to the need for a company that focusses on the development of realistic solutions for small business in a range of areas from Operations Manuals, Occupational Health and Safety manuals and training, Food Safety consultancy and accredited training, computer solutions and training design. It drew on years of management and consultancy experience to provide services for a sector that was not often serviced well.



In the ensuing years, bcSmallBiz has developed a focus on community groups particularly in relation to Food Safety issues, producing a Food Safety Template for Community Groups registered with Department of Human Services and developing and facilitating specific Food Safety training for these groups.


OHS and training focus

Recently the focus has shifted to Occupational Health and Safety Consultancy for Childrens Services working closely with UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania across Victoria and Tasmania. This has involved the provision of training and the development of a specific health and safety template called SafeCareGuide and latterly the development of a revised version for cluster managed services. This has been once again undertaken with UnitingCare Victoria & Tasmania.

Significant training development for a variety of clients and the provision of Certificate IV in training and Assessment as well as facilitating sessions on interactive training across Victoria and in Adelaide, Sydney and rural NSW has also been a part of our work.

We are now developing a significant body of training to support SafeCare for Childrens Services and seeking WorkSafeVictoria approval for all of these courses.

We are also excited to be working with Pattie Morgan to provide outdoor play space design services to all children services to develop best practice in this area.