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Food Safety Accredited Training

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Food Safety

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Accredited food safety training

Food safety training has often been presented as theory with a series of questions to answer to find out whether you 'know'.

Unfortunately this method doesn't make any changes in your work place behviour and so money and time spent is wasted.

SafeFood Training involves case studies and active participation in activities directly relelvant to your work place as well as structured methods to get you thinking about examples from your workplace and your experience. It is actually enjoyable!

With many years experience in food safety with community organisations, the facilitator will provide relevant and insightful comment on making it work in your organisation

There are three useful options for you to take advantage of:

  1. Level 1 Certification - this is for all people who handle food in your organisation and gives a broad understanding of the legal requirements as well as the skills and knowledge that make these  part of daily practice
  2. Level 2 Certification - for those who are designated as Food Safety Supervisors who ensure that all who handle food in the organisation do it safely and without risks to health 
  3. Assessment only - providing evidence that you already have the skills and knowledge allows certificiation without having to attend the session/s

It should be noted that you can undertake both Level 1 & 2 on the one day as each session is 4 hours in length

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It is really not as complex as it might seem, but does require an abiilty to think in a slightly different manner which is developed in each of the sessions.