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Food Safety

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Food Safety

Food Safety - not worth the risk to ignore


Food is one thing that draws people together, whether you think about celebrations such as Christmas or bithdays, weddings or even funerals, all of them have food involved.


The food industry, with over 45,000 businesses in supply or in presentation to clients, is enormous.  

Many fundraising activities for community groups which provide support and life to our communitieshave food involved.

All these facts underline the importance of food in the way we live and consequently the importance of the safety of that food.

There are approximately 5 million Australians affected by food poisonings in Australia each year with about 120 people dying from food poisoning related illneses. It is the elderly, the young and those who are already sick who are likely to be affected most. Food safety is still an issue of concern for all

The Food Safety Act 1984 put some legal requirements in place to ensure the safety of food all the way from the paddock to the plate for all transactions where food is sold. These requirements set out classes of food premises according to risk and require that all staff have sufficient knowledge and skills to handle food safely and that there are appropriate procedures in place to support this safe handling.

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