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Training Design and Facilitation



Recently Developed

Financial Broking courses

  • FNSBRK502B
  • FNSBRK503B
  • FNSBRK504B

Small business operations and finance

  • BSBSMB402A
  • BSBSMB406A
  • BSBOHS509A
  • BSBSUS201A
  • FNSGEN305A

Health and Safety in Early Childhood Services 

  • 6 day Supervisor/manager course
  • 1 day annual Supervisor refresher
  • Manual Handling
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • SafeCare system

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Training - real, interactive and transferable!

Training must be something that engages learners and helps them to explore the way they learn as well as giving new skills and knowledge in specific areas.


There are two factors that are vital to good training. These are:

  • good design of training including materials and resources - providing a clear and effective framework that's fun
  • good facilitation of the materials - training your trainers to do it brilliantly

bcSmallBiz Consulting can help in the development of both of these for your organisation or provide top quality trainers for your course


bcSmallBiz has qualifications and significant experience in both of these areas and therefore has a broad perspective and clear understanding of the functions of both and of innovation that engages and enhances learning

  • Design that directs good facilitation - knowing how good facilitators operate allows training design that structures activities and assessments to make it easy to train this way
  • Facilitation that provides an environment encouraging learners to own and enjoy their learning - knowing how good training should be structured allows use of activities and assessments as well as the setup of the learning area to facililtate these good training principles

All bcSmallBiz training is founded on small group activities that generate discussion and presentation which facilitate learning and sharing of concepts in ways that connect to existing knowledge/skills and empower learners in their workplace

Training must also be assisted in the work place by good procedures and reminders such as Quick Reference Guides and posters - bcSmallBiz can help with this also, click here for more information


Tired of training that makes no impact?

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