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Outdoor Play Space Design

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Ever wondered how to best set up and use outdoor spaces?

This service provides the assistance of Pattie Morgan, a well known and accomplished outdoor play, education and design consultant, to develop a truly unique and functional play space that makes the most of the area available.


What can be provided

Professional Development:

Staff workshops either customised for individual centres or for professional groups – teacher meetings or conference days.

  • Outdoor Play - Planning, Management and Reflection
  • Apples come from trees – planning small group gardening activities with children                    
  • Outdoor Environments  - for quality play and responsible behaviour.

$200.00 per hour


Playground Consultation:

Site visit -

$150 for the first hour and $50 for every hour or part thereof.

Travel expenses outside metropolitan area (from 40 kms from central business area) :

$10 per 10kms


Post visit

An additional fee of $50 per hour for rationale and drawings

Pattie is not a landscape architect, but provides design ideas from the perspective of an early childhood educator.

You will need to cover such things as:

  •  council permits
  • drainage
  • erosion issues
  • other similar broader issues

She will:

  • provide rough concept plans developed in consultation with staff during a site visit
  • write a rationale for the arrangement of the outdoor space
  • if required draw a concept plan on a site plan provided by client
  • provide you with contacts for landscape gardeners or drafts people or landscape architects for working   drawings

Pattie Morgan

Consulting extensively throughout the state with PRAV, Pattie has many years experience in Preschool teaching and a passion for and experience in outdoor play. She has worked in a variety of settings including setting up and running the first mobile preschool to deliver preschool services to people in socially remote areas of outer Melbourne.  


She presents frequently at workshops on indoor/outdoor play and the value of outdoor play/education and is a member of PRAV.

She uses consultative methods with early childhhod services to develop innovative and realistic ideas for a variety of play spaces to meet individual learning and play styles