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SafeCare Alliance - working together for best practice in childrens services

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What is it?

The SafeCare System is an early childhood services health and safety system that has been developed for UnitingCare agencies, but you can make use of its benefits even if you are not a member of the UnitingCare Network.

It provides clear and helpful documents and a dynamic system and specific extendable training that backs it all up provide a direct solution for accreditation and audit requirements.


What are the benefits?

☺ Access to SafeCare documents

The SafeCare documents, SafeCareCluster, SafeCareService and SafeCareCEO provide clear relevant guidance and forms in an holistic approach that works for children’s services. These cannot be bought outside the SafeCare System because an effective response must be much more than simply documents.

☺ Access to SafeCare updates and SafeQuicks free of charge

The SafeCare System is regularly monitored and updated. SafeQuicks are single sheet fact sheets about specific issues such as storage and manual handling.

☺ Access to SafeCare Basic Training at reduced cost

SafeCare Basic Training provides regular induction and cluster refresher training sessions to ensure that new staff are quickly able to operate according to the SafeCare System already in place and that cluster/agency staff are able to keep up with changes and monitor their safety performance.

☺ Access to SafeCare Further Training at a reduced cost

SafeCare Further Training provides top quality interactive training on a range of relevant issues. SafeCare Alliance provides all of these courses with a 10% per person discount! Ask for a brochure or check website.

☺ Ability to influence the updating process

The SafeCare System is regularly monitored for continuous improvement. Your involvement helps to shape it to provide tailored best practice solutions for your services and agency.

☺ Provision of annual training summary records

The SafeCare System provides training records for all of your staff in attendance to document investment in safe workplaces for your services and the agency as a whole.



Download the SafeCare Alliance brochure here to read more or pass on to others in your organisation for discussion

Email us on safecarealliance@bcsmallbiz.com to discuss the SafeCare Alliance Agreement process