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Tired of irrelevant and ineffective training for your service or cluster? SafeCare Training may be the solution for you!

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☺ Industry specific

Tired of sitting through OHS sessions that provide a range of examples that have no relevance? Unfortunately this is the case with most OHS training in the marketplace. Many years in OHS consultancy in childcare have provided bcSmallBiz with a wealth of industry specific knowledge and examples complementing significant training design and delivery qualifications and experience.

☺ Culture based

SafeCare Training takes you through the process of making OH&S just ‘what we do here’ rather than creating a long list of safety commandments.

☺ Competency-based and action focussed

SafeCare Training is based on what needs to be done in the workplace, providing the principles and examples to get people thinking and acting on best practice principles in many different ways. All courses run onsite to ensure transfer of learned concepts to workplace.

☺ Small group based and interactive

SafeCare Training is based around involvement and learning from all participants not just the facilitator. Sessions are run with minumum numbers of 6 and maximum numbers of 15 participants to ensure sufficient breadth of experience present and enough time for significant individual involvement.

☺ Interrelated and scalable

Have you thought of developing an OHS training program in the form of a calendar for your organisation?  SafeCare Training lends itself to developing a tailored response to the needs of your organisation. All courses are based on the same set of principles and interrelate easily. Further courses can be developed on request.


What SafeCare courses are there currently?




Description Length Cost p/person
SafeCare Basic Training – allied with SafeCare system
SafeCare Induction Designed to be run on a rolling basis for new staff, this course provides an broad induction to OHS in childcare services using SafeCare system ½ day $99
SafeCare Cluster Refresher  Designed to be run on a rolling basis for cluster representatives, this course provides a broad OHS refresher for cluster level staff using SafeCare system ½ day $99
SafeCare Further Training
SafeManage 6 day OHS training course for supervisors and managers 6 days $1100
SafeManage Intensive Single day intensive OHS course for managers and supervisors 1 day $198
SafeMove –
Manual Handling
Manual Handling is one of the key injury areas in children’s services. Learn to stay safe ½ day $99
SafeRelate Staff – Harassment and Bullying Half day discussion-based session on bullying and harassment and the impact it has on fellow staff and workplaces ½ day $99
SafeRelate Managers – Harassment and Bullying Half day session for managers on developing a bully free workplace through the policies and procedures developed for the workplace ½ day $99
SafeSelf –
Slips Trips and Falls including ladders
Slips and trips and falls are another common cause of injury in children’s services. Develop mindfulness of the key issues to reduce risk of injury in your services ½ day $99
SafeFood Level 1 Accredited Food Safety Training for Food Handlers ½ day $99
SafeFood Level 2 Accredited Food Safety Training for Food Safety Supervisors 1 day $198
SafeFood Assessment Accredited assessment only for food safety supervisors by correspondence N/A $66
SafeChem  – Chemicals and Pathogens Dealing with chemicals, hygiene and infectious disease in services including MSDS and chemical registers ½ day $99


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