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SafeCare System

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What is the SafeCare system?

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The SafeCare System is specifically targeted at occupational health and safety issues surrounding the provision of services for young children, both in terms of legislative requirements and the constraints of everyday practice. This means that it has specific application for:

  • Kindergartens and Children’s Services
  • Any Organisations with an interest in the safe provision of services for young children


The SafeCare System has three equally important sections:

  1. Documents - SafeCareService, SafeCareCluster and SafeCareCEO which recognise the vital role of the three main stakeholders as well as SafeQuicks - single page fact sheets on single issues
  2. Training  - SafeCare Training is tailored sector-focussed training run across the network to allow regular courses on a variety of key topics
  3. Support - update (through a Reference Committee of current practitioners from a variety of services and Agencies), audit and consultancy providing a robust and ongoing framework


bc SmallBiz Consulting and UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania have developed the SafeCare System to help you make occupational health and safety a part of the culture of your agency and your service. It proceeds from a community basis rather than a regulatory framework.

☺ Culture based

The SafeCare System takes you through the process of making OH&S just ‘what we do here’ rather than creating a long list of safety commandments. It underlines the importance of ownership at CEO level.

☺ Full of explanation of the principles

The System guides you through the thought process so you understand what drives your Occupational Health and Safety Program. It is based on the SAFE risk management process.

☺ Provided as a system rather than a document

The SafeCare System is a set of documents, references, supporting training and a continuous improvement framework. It is based around the drive for industry best practice and thoroughly cross references SafeCare documents, Australian Standards, Department policy and Agency policies.

☺ Available with basic training and further training options

SafeCare basic training provides regular induction and cluster refresher training sessions and further training sessions for issues such as Manual Handling, Food Safety and Harassment.

☺ Ability to replace templated forms with Agency specific ones

Forms have been printed with blank back pages to be able to be removed and replaced with agency specific forms that cover the same issues and information. This increases the ability of SafeCare to be an integral part of Agency policy and practice, rather than ‘yet another thing’.