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SafeCare - Health and Safety in Childrens Services

SafeCare began as  an association between bcSmallBiz Consulting and UnitingCare Victoria & Tasmania in 2000 as a response to a concern that there were many health and safety issues that were very difficult to address in the volunteer committee driven environment that childrens services sat within.


SafeCareGuide was developed over a 9 month period of consultation, piloting and training to provide a clear relevant and accessible guide for health and safety issues.


In 2008, the cluster management process was implemented through UnitingCare Victoria & Tasmania and therefore a review of the SafeCareGuide was instituted with amendments in mind that would reflect the changes to central cluster management. The new SafeCare system were the result of this process recognising the three vital stakeholders of the process through SafeCareCluster, SafeCareService and SafeCareCEO. The system also includes SafeCare training and a regular monitoring and update process.